All of our orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight® – On the day that your order ships, you will receive your FedEx tracking number or printed label via Facebook message or email. Someone must be available at the time of delivery so that the livestock is not exposed to the rain and/or hot temperatures. We recommend you hold at facility if possible, this is the best method for the animals. If you choose to hold at facility your box must be picked up within 1 hour of time stamp, otherwise the DOA policy will not be valid.

FedEx Delays: Due to weather or mechanical failure which result in loss may not be covered under our guarantee. But if you have ordered from us before we do in fact try out best to help recover or replace the items. Dated: 1/01/2021

Held Items: We will hold items for ten days (10 days) from the sale date or auction end date at your request to combine multiple orders. If corals are held longer than ten days (10 days), and die we are not responsible to cover replacements. Additional charges may arise if larger corals are sent and the weight and box size is higher/larger than a 1 lb. box or 8x8x6 box. Dated: 1/01/2021

Order Cancellation: There will be a 30% restocking fee for any order cancellations and balance will be issues in store credit for 1 year from time of cancellation. No cash refunds unless otherwise stated. No refunds on shipping costs. Dated: 1/01/2021

Refusal of Product: Coral purchased under client request and then refused delivery a 35% restocking fee will be assessed of the total price of the coral, (excluding shipping).  The remaining balance will be refunded as store credit only once the said coral is sold. No refund will be issued on Pre Orders until said coral/corals are sold, there are NO CASH REFUNDS. If Coral is not sold within 14 days of purchase or DOA* happens client forfeits all claims to refunds. Dated: 1/01/2021

Shipping Temps and Do Not Ship Times Based On Weather:
Below 40°F: We Do Not Ship. (If it is 40°F or below and you choose to have us ship there is zero coverage for DOA”s* even if the box is on time. NO EXCEPTIONS)
Over 95°F: Don’t ship. (If it is 95°F or above and you choose to have us ship there is zero coverage for DOA”s* even if the box is on time. NO EXCEPTIONS)

*DOA – Dead On Arrival

Shipping Day: We ship out every Wednesday of each week. If other days are available we will inform you but that is on a weekly case by case basis. We can not guarantee that we are able to ship other days besides our normal Wednesday ship day.